Can a tesla be called a supercar?

Insane mode holds it's name, but what truly makes a supercar?

4y ago

This 691-hp battery-electric vehicle is for the impatient, the business minded , and the watch checkers. Tesla claims that the P85D is capable of reaching 60 mph in 3.2 seconds, shaving 1.4 seconds from the rear-drive P85 it replaces. To get down to that number, Tesla added a 221-hp electric motor to drive the front wheels. This secondary motor unit works in conjunction with the P85D's 470-hp rear motor to provide four-wheel drive.

Now the question stands: Is all that power enough to put it in supercar territory? Depends on how you look at the word supercar. Does super relate to it's speed or the general excellence of the car? Do you factor in innovative non-performance technology when classifying. With features like AutoPilot, Insane Mode, and much more behind the scenes, no matter the power of the Tesla, it stands honorably in a class of its own.

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In my eyes, supercars are defined by the era that they are created in. What may be "super" now may not be "super" later with the leaps and bounds we are making pushing the most out of every car, we can only keep moving forward. For me, to make a supercar you have to be able to break through the noise, or create it. Tesla has shaken the automotive industry for the better, and no matter the direction they take, I hope they succeed. As for supercar status, I believe to be fair they are to be considered a supercar in only a certain mindset and depending on the models, with lower end models coming out sooner than later; to classify the entire brand as a supercar producer would be unjust. Make the choice for yourself, as a ride in one will shape everything you feel towards these cars.

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  • I don't think Teslas feel special enough for the 'supercar' tag?

      4 years ago