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Can an Aston Martin Vulcan beat a GT3 car?

Done in GT Sport due to cost reasons

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Having just listened to TheSmokingTire podcast with Chris Harris as the guest, something he said in the podcast has piqued my interest and it was his opinion on hypercars. Essentially what he said was something along the lines of when driving hypercars you drive it and you think a GT3 car will run rings around it(something like that). And that got me wondering, can a GT3 car beat a track hypercar? To find out I compared the Aston Martin Vulcan and the Aston Martin V12 Vantage GT3 in terms of their track performance to see if the Vulcan is really worth the cost over the GT3 Vantage and how they drive(in Gran Turismo at least).

How I am comparing them

I will compare them by doing 10 laps on 3 different tracks, Brands Hatch, Tsukuba Circuit and Spa Francorchamps in time trial mode, 5ish laps in cockpit view and 5ish laps in bonnet view and see how they compare in terms of lap times and I am also going to tell you how they drive here.

Some stats first

Before I compare the lap times lets look at stats first to get an idea of why I am comparing them.

Turns out this does not come with slick tires, who knew

Turns out this does not come with slick tires, who knew

Firstly the Vulcan, the Vulcan is a track only hypercar that Aston Martin in 2015 to be what is essentially the ultimate track toy for rich people who will never actually take it on track because all they will do is let it sit in a garage and collect dust. With a huge 7.0-litre naturally-aspirated V12, mounted in an aluminium alloy chassis with a carbon fibre body, has a power output of 820hp and 780 Nm of torque, the car also comes with a limited-slip differential and an Xtrac 6-speed sequential transmission and weighs just 1,350 kg. Interesting things about the Vulcan include that the power can be variable form 507hp to the full 820hp by a dial on the steering wheel. The car supposedly generates GT3-car levels of downforce via its prominent front splitter, rear diffuser and adjustable rear wing. Aston Martin states that the car will produce 324 kg (714 lb) at 100 mph (160 km/h) and 1,362 kg (3,003 lb) at its max speed.

However if you feel all of this is not enough, you can order the AMR Pro package which contains extra aerodynamic pieces to enhance the performance of the car, with the presence of an enhanced dual-element rear wing with a Gurney flap, large dive planes, side wheel arch louvres, and turning vanes designed to improve steering response. These improvements allow the car's downforce performance to increase by 27%.

Just 24 of these cars were made and each cost US$2.3 million.

You know I used this for a thumbnail in a video before?

You know I used this for a thumbnail in a video before?

Now the Vantage, this was a race car built to comply to FIA GT3 regulations and is a modified V12 Vantage, power and weight depends on the series you race in and the BOP(balance of performance). Without the BOP the car makes around 600hp with 700 Nm of torque mated to an Xtrac 6-speed sequential transmission with automated paddle-shift gear change and weighs 1250kg dry. Lastly the car interior is stripped out and a steel roll cage is welded in for safety and structural rigidity to complete the race car package

This car when new cost you £298,000 according to Top Gear and had to be ordered via email to AMR.

Since the release of the new Vantage with AMG/Mercedes and the discontinuation of the old Vantage and the V12, there is a new GT3 car based on the new Vantage.

I really like how this looks compared to the old one

I really like how this looks compared to the old one

The track times

Now for the track times, it is worth noting that both cars were put on slicks(racing hard) in order to ensure fairness along with level 1 traction control(I am quite leadfooted) . The variety of tracks also ensures that the times are not affected because of the nature of the track and allows less variables.

Starting with Brands Hatch and before I start, I should say that I do not really drive these cars as often as other GT3s so the factor of me being more used to the GT3 car is non existent. Take a look at the times first and then I will say how they compare.

Play video


Play video


Now for the 2nd track, Tsukuba circuit

Play video
Play video

And lastly, Spa Francorchomps

Play video
Play video


Look, at the end of the day this is simply a fun comparison that I did because I thought it would be fun and it is not meant to imply that the Vulcan is better than the GT3 car or vice versa. And yes, I know that Gran Turismo Sport is not as good of a comparison sight as real life but due to monetary reasons and travel restrictions it was the only way I could have done this test. And lastly yes, I know that your grandma could have driven better than me and that I am a terrible driver.

However if this is something you enjoyed and want to see more of just let me know, thanks for reading.

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