Can cars be part of your family? This rally-spec 911 is a well-used heirloom

Has your family ever passed a car down through the generations?

2y ago

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We've spoken lots about the personal connection you can have with a car as an individual, but have you ever had a car passed down through the generations – a car that's become as much a part of the family as your brother, sister, mother or father?

Our March soulmates have a special member of their clan: an old air-cooled, rally-spec 911 that used to belong to the current patriarch's father. Watch and listen to it in action below.

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Comments (14)

  • Yes, my grandfather had a green VW Type 3 Fastback, which he sold to my dad, who then sold it not long before I was born to some random person from a magazine. Why does everything have to stop just before it reaches me? It happens with chocolate too.

    And I'm sorry.

      2 years ago
  • I was given a 1986 Ford Sierra 1.6gl by my Grandfather... his company car at time of his retirement. He ran it until 1992 when he handed me the keys. Immaculate of course but six months later I sold it to my stepmother who promptly crashed it. Sadly the car was written off, a terrible loss. β€˜She’ was sadly uninjured

      2 years ago
  • My Granny had an amazing old Wolseley that had been left to her. I think it was from the 50s, and she drove it well into the 90s. We all wanted it one day, but sadly she had to sell it. I think it went to a collector - she was very keen on it going to someone who would look after it.

      2 years ago
    • Ah boo, that would've been an amazing thing to trundle around in

        2 years ago
    • It was great. Was v sad when she sold it :(

        2 years ago
  • Morgan 4x4 straight piped belonged to my grandfather, my father and soon me

      2 years ago
  • Currently driving an '02 Civic that my Aunt handed down to me, not exactly a cool story but the gearstick is positioned as it would be in a rally car, so that's one redeeming factor

      2 years ago