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Can EU spot them?

Spot the Grand Trio #5

It's been mad at the Grand Tour office this morning. Andy Willman and the chaps have been arguing over what to feature in the season finale. Richard wants to do a guided tour of his collection of cars and a mini-challenge set at Bollitree Castle. James wants to do an hour long documentary on the history of the spanner and Jeremy is adamant they have to do a race - Moscow to Capetown with Jeremy driving a Bugatti Chiron and Richard and James hitchhiking. Needless to say, the meeting hasn't gone well and has nearly ended in fisticuffs.

In desperation Andy Willman has ordered them all out of the office to cool off and suggested they pop out for some lunch and come back refreshed in the afternoon.

Unfortunately, Andy Willman DIDN'T realize there was another massive anti-Brexit protest on today and while the presenters were out having lunch the million strong march has come between the city centre and the Grand Tour production office. In typical Grand Tour fashion, Richard, James and Jeremy have ALL gotten lost in the crowd!

Help Andy get them back in time for the production meeting so the last episode can get completed. Otherwise it'll be replaced by a Clarkson, May and Hammond presented version of 'Antiques Roadshow'.

Image source: Wiki Commons

Image source: Wiki Commons

So how hard was this one?

If you DID find them all, well done! If you found them quickly, give yourself a pat on the back. I think this was the toughest 'Spot the Grand Trio' so far - what do you think?

Martyn Stanley

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