Can I fix the Nissan Z Proto?

Another day, another front grille controversey...

37w ago

Yet again it seems like I'm jumping into GIMP to redesign a new car who's appearance has been met with scorn. Thing is, most people seem to only have an issue with the front end, so I decided to fix just that. Watch the video below to see how I changed it...

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Comments (2)

  • Never disliked the original, but your one really good too, with the bar in the middle its just like how the chrome bumper splits the grille on the 240z. The bumper vents are neat too, but I feel like Nissan is restricting that feature for the Nismo models.

      8 months ago
    • That was my thought when I put the bar in the middle.

      As you might've heard in the video, I didn't like those vertical creases on the side of the bumper because it made the car look a bit malnourished to me, so adding the vents (especially in a...

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        8 months ago