Can i have a bike with a motor? can i? Can I?

It's a question every motorcyclist asks. sometimes the answer isn't what you expect.

4y ago

There is an divide in society. Motorcycles seem to polarize opinions. When I was first dating my now wife, rather than use the male mating call of the handbrake (as Top Gear pointed out), I used my 2011 Kawasaki Ninja 250r. A machine of speed, power and danger.... to the untrained eye. As we know 32HP on a 180kg motorbike is pitiful, but it looked the part and it was red (synonymous with speeeed). Yet to her it said 'not only is he extremely good looking, he owns a motorbike' (I may be exaggerating slightly). It is my firm belief that the bike did all the work for me. Owning one of these machines attracts rebelliousness. I love it, but that attraction, right there, is where the problems begin.

Riding is more than adrenaline, when you ride you feel more connected to the surroundings, you become part of the bike.

Ben Fulljames

Soon after we started dating, I got a swift talking to from her parents. She was no longer allowed on the pillion of my 'red motorcycle'. Out of respect, she never went on the bike again, but that's a story I have heard all to often. Prospective motorcyclists are denied all the time. I hear of other wives denying their husbands and parents denying their kids. The apparent danger on two wheels is too much for them. They can't bare a loved one riding. These people need to experience riding to understand.

Riding is more than adrenaline and danger, when you ride you feel more connected to the surroundings. You become part of the bike. That's what draws me in - no longer am I an occupant of the vehicle, I am a part of it. These days cars are so computerised they drive themselves, where is the fun in that? We spend, on average, 4.3 years driving over our life time. Why not make those 4.3 years an enjoyable experience?

The MT-07 HO (Australian version of the FZ-07)

The MT-07 HO (Australian version of the FZ-07)

People will always have arguments and people will always disapprove. It's a fact of life that we can never please everyone. The important part is pleasing ourselves (keep the gentleman's sausage in your pants). If you want to ride a bike with a motor, do that. Stop being a pansy. The people who care about you will come around.

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  • Don't know how I stumbled upon this old post, but this was an amazing read!

    Really funny and accurate to the spirit of riding :)

      1 year ago
  • I agree that people should experience it before putting biking down. Far to many wrap either themselves or others up in cotton wool. I had my daughter out on the back of my CBR for the first time when she was 11yrs old. She absolutely loved it and it was also my first time carrying a pillion. My mum wasn't keen on the idea but knew that it was my decision at end of day and respected that. Alot more than her other grandparents on her father's side did who where not happy one bit.

    If bit been on a motorbike then get out and do it. I finished with my ex because he said I wasn't allowed a motorbike. Life is for living and enjoying it. Not worrying and thinking what if.

      4 years ago
  • That's such a good looking bike omg...

      4 years ago