Can I take my car to an independent garage instead of the dealership?

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Despite what many car dealership service advisors will tell you, yes; under consumer laws, you are allowed to service your new car at a local independent workshop without having your warranty voided. This allows motorists to pick and choose the best repairer most suited to your needs. The repairer in question, of course, must meet various industry standards such as having a licensed mechanic working on customers’ cars. To ensure fair competition, the Australian Government has introduced a mandatory sharing law, meaning that all independent workshops will have access to the latest motor vehicle service and repair information. This means consumers are assured that even the latest models can be serviced by independent workshops competently. This also means that all repairs and maintenance are performed to manufacturers’ specifications, for the consumer’s peace of mind and maintaining new car warranty.

A licensed repairer will also be able to stamp your car’s service logbook, helping it keep its resale value and manufacturer’s warranty should something go awry. However, the caveat is that they must use replacement parts that meet or exceed OEM quality. This is where Ryco Filters can help out.

What are the advantages of going to an independent garage?

Independent garages are often more economical and provide better customer service. As competition amongst independent garages is fierce, the service and costs can be significantly lower than servicing with a dealership. Even though most dealerships have countered with fixed price servicing, many are sneaking in over-inflated prices for OEM replacement parts, such as oil, air, fuel and cabin filters, brake pads, and so on to make up for the shortfall in capped service pricing.

Most independent garages would use trusted brands such as Ryco Filters to replace the consumables on your car. Not only do you save on labour costs, but you will also save on servicing parts. Ryco’s filters meet and sometimes even exceed OEM standards, and has a wide range that suits most makes and models.

Take, for example, a routine dealership service for a Volkswagen Golf TSI 90 Mk6 ended up costing $787.00 under capped price servicing, including additional labour to do a brake fluid flush and changing a cabin air filter. For research, we rang a few independent garages for a quote and had a range of prices from $330 to $440. That is quite a difference when compared to the dealership’s cost. Just in parts alone would have set the customer back $375, nearly half of the entire bill!

Items quoted in the service from VW were:

1 x Oil Filter = $24.95

4 x Spark plugs = $136.00

1 x Fuel Additive = $33

Washer = $6

Plugs = $8

Engine oil = $72 for 4 litres

Cabin Air filter = $47.00

1 litre of Brake Fluid = $16.67

Quality, branded replacements would have only costed 30- 50% less. For example, the Ryco oil filter is only $16.95, and the Ryco OEM replacement cabin air filter is only $33.95. Even though a car is serviced at an independent licensed mechanic, as long as quality parts are used, the manufacturers’ warranties still stands.

For a more economical alternative, consider using your local workshop for your car’s next service, and ask for Ryco’s filters for the best quality OEM aftermarket replacements.

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