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Can Ken Block Gymkhana in a 6500lb Trophy Truck?

Well of course he can.

3d ago

Here on DriveTribe, we aren't going to clickbait you. The question in the title is rhetorical. Ken Block can slide anything, so seeing it is the whole point. To show you his skills if you have been hiding under a rock and have not seen, he and his Hoonigan cohorts set up a Gymkhana GRID course at Irwindale Speedway (aka the House of Drift) to see just how his trophy truck handles the course in his more than capable hands.

To set a benchmark, multi-time Formula Drift Champion Chris Forsberg was invited to slide one of his Nissan drift cars around. So in the video, above you get two for the price of one. Check out a drift pro setting the benchmark and an internet overlord rally pro thrash a truck above!

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