Can the QX60 save the day for Infiniti?

I'm not gonna hang around and talk about the car at length because other people already have but all I'm interested to know is your opinion, or rather your answer, to a simple question. For some reason, I have a fondness for Infiniti but there's no hiding the fact that the brand has been declining for years and every new car they introduce is looking more and more like a swan song. So the question is, as you've probably have already gathered from the headline, can the QX60 save Infiniti?

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  • No. Fabulous truck. Looks great. But it won't be enough to mount a comeback during a pandemic. Just not in the cards. Hope I am wrong. Infinity just haven't been in the game ... phoning it in.

      22 days ago
    • yeah I agree. And one vehicle can't be enough. Of course there are exceptions, like the Porsche Cayenne, but in order to make a comeback you have to consistently introduce decent vehicles that people actually buy and that's a long and...

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        22 days ago
    • Exactly! Unfortunately for Infinity right now is exactly not the right time. Oh well.

        22 days ago
  • Can the QX60 save the day for Infiniti? @tribe

      22 days ago
    • 22 days ago


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