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Can the Supra Handle 1,000 Horsepower?

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The most famous version of the Toyota Supra, the MK4, famously had the 2JZ engine, which was a 3.0-liter straight-six. In standard, naturally-aspirated form, it made 220 horsepower and 210 lb-ft of torque. The turbocharged version of that engine made 320 horsepower and 315 lb-ft of torque. Those numbers were good in its day, but they didn't make the Supra special.

Aftermarket tuning on the original Supra made it famous | Image credit: 'Gumball' on YouTube

The aftermarket tuning on the original Supra is what made it famous. The engine was easily tunable and the car could handle tremendous power, making it a favorite among tuners. The car was a perfect candidate for massive boost pressure. The 2JZ engine offered the ability to create reliable high power. Several of these old Supras have already been tuned with massive numbers, including some with 1,000 horsepower.

Image credit: Toyota

Now there's a new Supra. It also uses a straight-six engine, but this one is from BMW. But the engine seems strong and up to the task, at least according to engine builder Stephen Papadakis, who created Papadakis Racing, the most successful Formula Drift team in history. While he notes that the new engine doesn't have a cast-iron block like the 2JZ, instead making use of lighter aluminum, he praises it for being well-designed and not overcomplicated. He says that its forged-steel stock crankshaft should be able to handle 1,000 horsepower, since that's his goal to put in. He'll document his attempt to get four-digits of power out of the Supra on his YouTube channel. For now, you can watch his teardown of the engine below.

Do you think the new Supra should have 1,000 horsepower? Will it be able to handle that tremendous power? And is it a worthy successor to the original?