Can these connected gadgets really make your garage smart?

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About a decade ago, I envied people living in mansions. Not that my jealousy has seen a dip in current times, but back in the day it was at its short-height-ed peak. Slightly since the residents had a mansion to themselves and more prominently because they got to operate a little remote control which automatically opened the front gates for them to drive their swanky cars through it.

I wanted that remote-controlled mechanised gate more than my birthday gift. Probably even as my birthday gift. Unfortunately, our building had employed a man for this job so the functioning of the gate didn’t seem as exciting. Plus, a new remote-control mechanism simply seemed like a useless and expensive affair.

But that was a decade ago. With the advent of more advanced technologies now, all this electronic witchcraft has become accessible to the masses. Now, you don’t even need a separate controller to open the gates. A simple tap on your smartphone would do. Or better, even a voice command can. I believe I know what to ask for my next birthday present.

Take a look at these smart garage gadgets. Maybe even you’ll figure your next birthday present.

Chamberlain Smart Garage Opener

If you, like me, just want a simple and fuss-free smart garage opener, this Chamberlain MyQ appears to fit the bill. Once the device is installed, the user can check the status or remotely open and close his garage door via the MyQ phone app. Even the installation is claimed to require minimal wires, with the majority of the setup needing only a Wifi network.

Up to two-car garages can be managed by this system with the sensors programmed to send real-time notifications in case of any activity. If you’re the more punctual kind, the app further lets you schedule your in and out times for a more hassle-free experience. While it is claimed to work with the majority of virtual assistants, Amazon’s Alexa is yet to make that list.

Iotty Smart Lights

This pretty looking light control device throws the manual act of switching on garage lights out of the erm…..garage. Carrying remote connectivity features via a smartphone app along with voice command compatibility (read Alexa or Google Assistant), these intelligent lights can shed brightness in your garage without you having to search for any switches.

Featuring a touch-sensitive tempered glass module with a backlit finish, these smart lights look elegant while being intelligent. One can even program these lights to turn on/off at a specific time or even according to the weather conditions. This device can not just provide convenience but also helps in monitoring energy consumption. The best part, however, is the ‘away mode’, which enables this device to turn on any random time to keep burglars on their toes while you enjoy your vacation.

Tailwind Smart Garage Opener

This smart device works a lot like the Chamberlain option mentioned above while offering certain additional features. Unlike the Chamberlain alternative, this device does include Amazon Alexa in its compatibility ranks.

Furthermore, one wouldn’t even have to press a button or voice any command as this Tailwind iQ3 garage opener comes with geolocation technology. Using GPS and Bluetooth, it can sense your arrival as you are nearing your house and opens up the gates automatically. Plus, it is also claimed to be compatible with the majority of garage door opener brands, so ordering one online should be risk-free.

Nest Smart Sensors

Products backed by Google certainly boast of higher credibility, and this smart sensor device ain’t no different. If you love your car more than your bank account or your children, then these Nest motion sensors can be quite handy.

The sensors can be stuck to the windows or walls beside doors to notify the user when the former opens/closes, or when it senses activity with the latter. Compatible with Google Assistant’s voice commands and a Nest smartphone app, the user can turn these sensors on/off remotely as well.

Ismartgate Smart Gate Opener

If you’re someone who enjoys a thoroughly inter-connected home, with a possible profession in investigative services, then this smart garage device you might ever need. If an app notification isn’t enough confirmation, this device can be integrated with your IP security cameras to provide you with visual confirmation.

While possessing capabilities to manage up to three garage doors, this Ismartgate device also automatically locks or unlocks the garage door without any tap on the app nor a voice command. It even comes with integrated speakers in case you can’t live without music along with a USB port to provide you with future security add-ons accessibility. So, it looks compact, is quite powerful, equipped with multiple features and future-proof.

Special Mention: Laser Parking

Sometimes garages can be messy. Or your parking skills are just amateurish. In either situation, it is your car that gets graced with minor dents or scratches around the corners. Those repair bills can be avoided if you get hold of this Maxsa Dual Laser Parking device.

Just mount the device with the laser beam pointing downwards. Position the laser where you need your car to stop and voila! Bumping into the front wall is a thing of the past. I agree there’s isn’t much smart technology accompanying this, but the device itself seems like a ‘smart’ solution.

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  • As tempting as they all are... we are limited and held hostage by a wifi connection. This requires power. So here in California we have earthquakes. Many times we lose power. The “grid” is antiquated across the world especially here in the US. When there is a natural disaster we lose power. With hurricanes and fires becoming more frequent I am concerned we will become so reliant on WiFi to run everything that without a backup generator or back up source of power we will be locked in our ivory towers watching that little light on our routers to light up once again..

      13 days ago
    • Garage doors require power, unless you always get out of your car and manually open the door. I know the Tailwind device does not disable any other way of opening up the door, so in a pinch the remote that came with the door will still work even...

      Read more
        10 days ago
    • Agreed , I have many in my home. My point was more that as we become more reliant we need to make sure there is a backup and that we know and teach others how to do it.. like making sure everyone can drive a manual transmission...😎

        10 days ago
  • That Iotty Smart Lights is quite cool specially that random light mode

      13 days ago
    • Oh totally! But I live on the main roads, so the street lights and presence of police does a better job athan that the away mode 😛

        10 days ago