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Can We Expect Way More from Waymo??

Waymo finally receives a DMV Driverless Test Permit in California to test their vehicles on road

Self Driving cars is the next big change in automotive technology. Several companies are working towards making driverless cars which will eradicate all of the human effort to "drive a car" letting artificial intelligence control vehicles. These might constitute to 5 percent of the automobiles on the roads within the next 20 years whose target audience is the millions of people not able to drive a car.

Now, you might be wondering what is Waymo. Well, Waymo is a Google company that is working towards an automation technology with a mission to make it safe and easy for people and things to move around. In simpler words, those "tide pod" looking creatures that move around was made by Google in the beginning and then later branched it out to Waymo which was acquired by them. I can excuse them for their horrendous design because their main goal back then was to develop a prototype that can run safely on roads without a driver, not a commercial release. Now, they won't probably wouldn't have my sympathy.

After 10 million miles of autonomous driving and hundreds of tests, Waymo has finally received an official driving permit in the state of California after the democrats called for a "yay" on 3rd November 2018. What this means to a common man is the fact that a robot gets a driver's permit which it can use to learn and understand roads.

What is the science behind this?

Source- Waymo

Source- Waymo

If you are really curious and wanna know how these cars work, you are not alone. Well, Google did a good job making this easy to understand. There are multiple sensors all around the car which interpret data around the car and it reads the input from Google Maps to run it on a large scale. The sensors look for obstacles on the "ground scale" and the software guides the car to the destination based on the data translated into vehicular motion.

They even claim that these sensors can detect pedestrians wearing Halloween Costumes since the LiDAR sensors can recognize any human being based on thermal imaging.

Here is the Twitter Snippet...

As of now Google is collaborating with FCA (Fiat Chrysler Automobiles) group to test their vehicles on family minivans. They are soon planning to roll out the technology in other models of cars as well.

Now I would again like to address the question above. Can Waymo do way more in the field of driverless technology?? Can we achieve a dramatic change on our roads with the advent of this technology?? Let me know in the comments. And thank you for reading this short, yet informative article. I hope you enjoyed it!!


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