Can you beat Nicolas Hamilton around Mount Panorama Bathurst?

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Via an ongoing collaboration between real world racing car driver, Nicolas Hamilton and Project CARS, Slightly Mad Studios have asked Nicolas to set a time to beat on probably the most famous Australian racing circuit, Bathurst! Nicolas took up the challenge and set a time of 2:01.945 seconds on the Mount Panorama circuit in a Renault Sport R.S.01.

The 500hp-plus from a Nissan GT-R sourced 3.8 litre twin-turbo V6 engine on a chassis weighing just over 1,000kgs equals fast. Named in honor of the ‘yellow teapot’ F1 cars of 1977 (the first turbo-engined F1 cars in history), the $400,000 R.S. 01, with its Dallara-developed carbon monocoque chassis, was designed to run in its own single-series championship, the Renault Sport Trophy. Renault, though, was inundated with requests to get the beast homologated for GT3 after the car’s unveiling in 2014. Problem was, the R.S. 01 was too quick for GT3: Renault had to fatten it up by over 20kgs, add an extra 50kgs or so as ballast, and detune the engine (along with other modifications) before they finally secured GT3 homologation late last year. None of that, though, changes the base fact—this car is quick, nimble, and over-engineered.

The R.S. 01 may make the entry list for the 2017 Bathurst 12 Hour. has reported a fleet of the R.S. 01s are Australia-bound. We won’t know until the official entry list is revealed in mid-December, but in the meantime, you can see exactly what the R.S. 01 is capable of achieving at the ‘blue hell’ for yourself in Project CARS. If the rumor is true, you can bet there are few pros doing the exact same thing in preparation for this classic race scheduled for early-February 2017.

Send us your times, and post your pictures and videos!

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