Can you blame the car driver? (not really)

1y ago


There's correct ways to split traffic and this Honda FireStorm rider doesn't seem to have the hang of it. Everyone else must've seen the hazard and virtually started braking. The biker gave it another squeeze of gas and very nearly lost his foot because of it.

We're not sure how the insurance claim played out, but the bike rider has to take a big portion of the blame for that one.

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  • The rider is doing a reasonable speed, in the centre of the lane. The car driver did not look before pulling out. 100% car driver.

    Minimum of 'Failing to pay due care and attention to the safety of other road users'... any points on the licence and it's gone for three months minimum. Before making ANY change to the direction of travel of a vehicle, the driver MUST ensure it is safe to do so and will not endanger other road users.

    1 year ago
  • Car driver, he seems just as shaken as the Rider- RIDERS STOP EXPECTING TO STAY UPRIGHT!!!! Ride like you’re being attacked by everyone & mate, you didn’t even prepare braking? You are lucky to stay on so remember to set your brakes up for a sharper, controlled emergency brake

    1 year ago


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