Can you daily drive a Corvette Z06 in the winter?

Winter is here…is a Corvette Z06 the perfect car for winter? Who needs AWD when you can have a 7.0L Corvette for the snow

6w ago

"As any BMW driver will tell you, front-wheel drive is better," said Jeremy Clarkson, speaking of snow driving. As BMW's are traditionally RWD vehicles, they are characteristically worse in the powder due to less weight on their driven wheels. Ditto for other rear-driven cars, like Corvettes. But, let's go one further, how about a C6 Corvette Z06? Seven liters of V8 fury pumping out over 500 horsepower to 325-section rear tires...Well, that's what one of my best friends has found out, living in storm-prone Northern Texas with a Z06 as his only car.

"Cory, you need a truck," we've told him dozens of times, with each instance usually following a Snapchat of his Z06 loaded up with 2x4s and plants from Home Depot. Sometimes, the rear hatch is propped open for extra room. Z06: impractical, or the ultimate daily that can do anything. Snow can be a different challenge for the American supercar, however.

The perfect car for winter? Yeah actually, to the surprise of nobody, it's rather terrible. But, also, still totally feasible in a time of need. As you can see from the photos, the Z06 on Michelin Pilot Sport all-seasons was able to traverse the realm Beyond the Wall, a setting where seeing a White Walker would not have been all that shocking. This was also during the snowpocalypse that shuttered large portions of Texas earlier this year. Hey, when you need supplies to survive, you gotta do what you gotta do. See, anything is possible with a Z06. It's definitely not smart, but when it's the only car you have, you can get what you need done. Even if it means somewhat crashing back into your driveway at the end.

So, with winter already here again, and if you're in need of a vehicle for the snow, what will you choose? An AWD car, maybe a German executive sedan or a Subaru, or, will you choose the Corvette? Nothing quite like seeing a supercar dirty from use and in an environment totally out of its element.

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Comments (31)

  • Some skinny winter rear tyres and the fun is all his.

      1 month ago
  • I had an 83 Camaro and lived in the Chicago area in the early 90's. You get used to it. #1 thing is put ~200-300 lbs of sand bags in the trunk and it's not bad at all. 😁

      1 month ago
    • Well as a Classic Camaro driver I bet it would be pretty easy since there's always a body in the trunk

        1 month ago
  • Two RWD daily drivers I had in Connecticut for many years were a ‘67 Corvette and then a ‘93 Mustang Cobra.

    Used snow tires in the winter on both, and added three 25# barbell weights in the spare in the Mustang’s trunk. I never got stuck or lost control. The only close call was in the Blizzard of ‘78 (a 24” snowfall) when snowplows couldn’t keep up with the rapid accumulation on the roads. The Corvette’s ground clearance became the limiting factor.

      1 month ago
  • He really should have an R8.

      1 month ago
  • Good thing fiberglass is such a good insulator; for winter that is….

      1 month ago