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Good luck. Featuring the photography talents of: jae park from Pexels Derrick Chia (Unsplash) Torsten Dettlaff from Pexels, Mike from Pexels, Valeriia Miller from Pexels, Vincenzo Malagoli from Pexels, Victoria Ouarets from Pexels, Adrian N (Unsplash), ahmad syahrir from Pexels, Mike from Pexels, Jan Kopřiva from Pexels, Mike from Pexels, Josh Kobayashi from Pexels, Shukhrat Umarov from Pexels, Sebastian Pichard from Pexels, Ammar Devedžić (Unsplash), Robert Hess from Pexels, Toms Svilans from Pexels, Vlad Alexandru Popa from Pexels

Morgan Motors is based in an area of Worcestershire, UK. But where?

  • Broadway
  • Evesham
  • Malvern
  • Pershore

We know Audi as a German car brand, but 'Audi' also translates into Latin. As what?

  • 'here'
  • 'hear'
  • 'near'
  • 'tear'
  • 'fear'
  • 'deer'

When Renault first began, Louis Renault was the engineer and his brothers ran the business. Which of these is true?

  • The company was first established on 22nd February 1899 as a birthday gift to Louis, Marcel and Fernand's Father
  • To prove the power of his car, Louis made a bet that he could drive his Voiturette up the steep Rue Lepic that runs thro
  • Louis's brothers, Marcel and Fernand had worked on their business skills at the family bakery.
  • Louis's wife was named Zoe and was the name inspiration for the Renault Zoe EV.

Mazda didn't originally start as a car manufacturer. What did it start as back in 1920?

  • A camera maker
  • A stuffed animal manufacturer
  • A fake-fruit manufacturer
  • An artificial cork manufacturer

How many Ford Fiestas have been sold since 1976?

  • 16 million +
  • 18 million +
  • 5 million +
  • 22 million +

The logo of popular Italian motor brand Maserati is actually based on what?

  • A trident
  • A bonfire
  • A crown
  • A fountain

Who designed the original engine for the Dodge Viper?

  • Maserati
  • Mercedes
  • Lamborghini
  • Audi

What was unique about early Land Rovers?

  • They had 3 wheels
  • They had 3 spare wheels
  • The steering wheel was on the right, no matter what country the car was being sold in
  • The steering wheel was in the middle

Before sale, Jaguar cars are put to a climate test for 12 hours. But what does this entail?

  • Putting the car into a large room that sits at 40 degrees Celsius
  • Putting the car into a large room that sits at 40 degrees Farenheit
  • Putting the car into a large room that sits at -40 degrees Celsius
  • Putting the car into a large room that sits at -40 degrees Fahrenheit

Finally, which automotive manufacturer first created anti-lock brakes?

  • Subaru
  • Jeep
  • BMW
  • Mercedes-Benz

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  • It is true that Mercedes-Benz is credited for ABS, but Chrysler beat them to it in 1971 with their "Sure Brakes". Unfortunately, not enough people were interested at the time and the option disappeared after a few years.

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