Can you guess the right fun facts?

Many generations of cars are famous for their accomplishments. This would include either their performance, looks, specific features, or their motorsport presence. Sometimes there can also be little things that can be overlooked. Lets see if you know your tidbits.

The '19 Veloster N is Hyundai's fastest in the model range. How much hp does it have over the 2011 Veloster Turbo?

  • 57
  • 74
  • 63

What model is this 1977 Chevy Nova? (Hint: Look at the space behind the rear seats)

  • Hatchback
  • 2 Door
  • 4 Door (how?)

2005: Saleen gives the S7 Twin Turbos along with the optional Competition Package. How much horsepower did it produce?

  • 810 hp
  • 707 hp
  • 1000 hp

Still on the S7: What's so significant about this picture I took at the Audrain Auto Museum? (Feel free to look them up)

  • It was the first of only two S7 Twin Turbos to be fitted with the Competition Package.
  • It's the only example in this color combination, Beryllium Orange and it was the Saleen factory press vehicle.
  • It had raced on the drag strip but had sustained trasmission damage so it needed repairs.
  • This exact car was featured in "Iron Man." It was also featured street racing in "Redline."
  • Jay Leno owned it

Which car won the inaugural year of Group B in both the Driver's and Manufacturer's Championships? (1980)

  • Audi Quattro
  • Fiat 131 Abarth
  • Ferrari 308
  • Renault Turbo 5

Match the Facts about the Kia Stinger GT.

  • Unveiled at Detroit Auto Show 2017; 4L V8; On Firestone Firehawk GTs
  • Unveiled at Milan Auto Show 2017; 3.3L V6; On Goodyear Eagle GTs
  • Unveiled at Detroit Auto Show 2017; 3.3L V6; On Michelin Pilot Sport 4s
  • Found in a barn; 4.7L V8; On Bridgestone Potenzas

What is the name if the 2008 Mazda RX-8's engine?

  • SA20DETT
  • Renesis
  • RB24
  • REW twin-turbo
  • Doritos

In 2017 RUF released their first "original" car, the fourth generation CTR. Match the correct facts on the '17 CTR.

  • 537 hp; 318 ft-lb; 1647 lbs; 201mph
  • 232 hp; 159 ft-lb; 3045 lbs; 156 mph
  • 1000 hp; 918 ft-lb; 2786 lbs; 248 mph
  • 710 hp; 649 ft-lb; 2645.5 lbs; 224 mph

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