Can you guess this JDM rotary awesomeness?

    A brand new RWD platform and a couple of world's first innovations. Could have been the greatest JDM of all time. Did it leave with a bang or whimper?

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    Believe it or not, Mazda is actually 100 years old this year. The Mazda Museum in Germany had great plans, and they already built a nice stage at Retro Classic Stuttgart in April.

    Mazda’s round birthday was to be one of the highlights of the year, but with COVID, it is all down the drain, with every major events cancelled for an entire year (yes, also Q1 2021 is vacated now! :( :( :( ).

    Luckily the Belgian national car museum Autoworld surprised us with a Mazda exhibition with a few brilliant exhibits like the Le Mans Winning 878B and a Cosmo in race livery.


    Another true rarity was the black Eunos Coupé with the steering wheel on the wrong side :). Was this another JDM only exotic?

    The Eunos Cosmo was a top of the line luxury 2+2 coupé that was to introduce a new luxury brand similar to the Acura and Lexus brands.

    The design of Euonos followed the footsteps of the 1985 MX-03 concept car and entered production in 1990 based on a brand new rear-wheel-drive JC platform.

    The car was loaded with high tech gadgets, like the ESP Car Control System, a colour touch-screen controlling climate control, mobile phone, GPS car navigation, TV, radio and CD player.

    And then it was the only production car to feature a triple-rotor engine.

    Mazda had serious plans for this car, that looked really modern and probably scared the shiznit out of the American and European competitors. It was not a halo car to show that the brand can actually make high tech car, but a statement that Mazda wanted a place at the table of the big guys. Mazda planned an entire line-up of subbrands with Autozam, Eunos and Amati.

    Unfortunately, the statement was not as widely heard as Mazda wanted it to, and the sales fell far behind expectations (making this car another ultra-rarity in Autoworld’s exhibition). The Eunos Coupé could not compete with the established players in the export markets, and it could not rely on the domestic market either. Actually, it was killed on the Japanese market by measures that were adopted to exterminate the export cars it wanted to compete. The soaring Japanese currency crippled sales, and the inflated economy imploded in the late ‘90s washing away all the grandeur of Mazda.

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    • The 787b is a brutal car 👌

        1 month ago
      • The livery makes it stand out anywhere. But the Le Mans victory also helps :)

          1 month ago
    • Love the Eunos Cosmo! Wish Mazda could’ve fit the triple-rotor engine in the RX-8 or something that came over the pond to the USA, or even into the 929.

        1 month ago
      • I think that RX8's approach focused on simplification, to create a car available more widely (for also being affordable and practical). But the reliability remained an issue.

        I dont think that Wankel will ever be ready for real mass...

        Read more
          1 month ago
      • Could’ve named it the RX8 GSL-SE

          1 month ago


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