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The OpenPaddock Rallycast

4y ago

"The best thing about the internet is that everyone has an opinion, and they can share it with everyone. Conversely, the worst thing about the internet is that everyone has an opinion and can share it with everyone." So goes the adage. There's many ways to share your opinion on the interweb. Tumblr, Twitter, FaceBook, or a Blog. We are all sharing our opinions here on Drivetribe.

Another way to share your opinion is the podcast. There are several Rally podcasts out there, Tony Simpson & Ryan Champions "Absolute Rally" is the best. OpenPaddock is a US based rally podcast that I have just become involved with. Mike Scott leads the way as several of us bluff our way through rallying subjects and generally try to sound knowledgeable. The content is naturally slanted towards coverage of rally in the USA both at a national and regional level, though the WRC is covered too. There is even talk of a Dakar based special edition in the pipeline. You can find the podcast at Now If you'll excuse me I need to go and learn something about The Dakar.

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