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As we all know, a car enthusiast needs a racecar and a daily to drive alongside other commutists on the road, he needs something that isn`t thirsty as a old 8 Liter V8 let alone big as a Pontiac GTO, he needs something that isn`t too hard on the wallet and can be nearly stored in any place he can find.

In my country with diesel being slightly more expensive than gas I have clear that these few cents of difference per each liter aren`t much if we take in mind the MPG and how cheaper to run they are in comparison to their petrol counterparts, As fact... spending 200€ every month in fuel isn`t certainly funny, even with eficient driving I do see the problem with gas. the more money I spend keeping my old horse running, the more money I will have to make in order to buy my dream car.

I however won`t buy something under 3 cylinders and 1,6Cc of displacement, let alone under the 130hp mark, A car must be decent for nearly all situations I can come trough.

What I`m looking for?

The Hatchback/Hot hatch is one of my best options when it comes to getting a new daily that can be used on the countryside, city driving and even highway. It also adapts to my needs for a fun car I can ocasionally take for a short spirited driving on the mountain roads full of corners

What are my requirements for it? I know that going straight for a Diesel impreza hatchback from 2009 would be the way to go but... I know how "well" boxer engines running on diesel can work.

requirements for my new daily

-Diesel engine (Turbo), 4 cylinders, between 1.6Cc and 2.2Cc.

-A good fuel consumption 6L/100 to 8L/100

-between 130hp & 150hp. (altough 125hp can be acceptable with turbo)

-AWD,4WD or FWD.

-from 2012 or newer.

-Between 9 & 15k€ brand new or used, but if used under 125k & 9k.

-Hatchback or compact sedan 2 to 5 doors(I however prefer subtle looking cars that don`t look too sporty)

-LHD (Since I drive on the right)

-Practicality! but at the same time... Sportyness is apreciated alongside a decent acceleration -6 Throtthle response

Put your suggestions in the comments below!

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