Can you match Hamilton's Silverstone qualifying time in Project Cars 2?

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Ignoring Lewis Hamilton's severe case of sour grapes, the British GP was an exciting one. And, thanks to the latest Project Cars 2 Community Event, you can relive it to an extent.

Okay, so the lack of a proper Formula 1 car makes it unrealistic. But then the digital Silverstone circuit is accurate and trying to beat Hamilton's qualifying time of 1:25.892 (a track record) will prove a challenge, potentially an impossible one.

We say impossible because the absolute fastest time on the leaderboard is 1:28 dead, despite the fact the fictional Formula X car boasts 1,150hp from its sizable V12 engine and F1-esque aerodynamics.

The real-life British GP was eventful for a number of reasons, chiefly that Raikkonen lost control and knocked into Hamilton, sending him back to 18th place very early on in the race.

Despite being last, the Brit managed an impressive performance on home soil, making it back to second after some heroic driving (and a touch of help from two safety car sessions).

Sadly, however, life in the tyres was fading and so Vettel was able to maintain a lead of more than two seconds, putting the German driver further ahead on points. A win for Hamilton at Vettel's home circuit would certainly ease the pressure on the Brit's shoulders.

The Project Cars 2 Community Event will last a week and allows players to tune their SMS Formula X car, which is a good thing because a few tweaks open up a 240mph top speed. See you on the leaderboards.

On a related note, resident sim racer, Jimmy Broadbent, tried to see if he could match Hamilton albeit in a different game.

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