can you name the car based on just it's door handle?

1w ago

In this quiz I will show you a picture of a car's door handle and you will tell me what car it is. Pretty easy, right?

what car is this?

  • ferrari 599
  • ferrari 612
  • ferrari 488

what car is this?

  • ferrari f50
  • porsche boxster
  • porsche 959

what car is this?

  • Jaguar XK120
  • Mercedes 190sl
  • mercedes 300sl
  • jaguar e type

what car is this?

  • lamborghini murcielago
  • lamborghini gallardo
  • McLaren MP4 12c

what car is this?

  • dacia duster
  • VW polo
  • Ford fiesta
  • VW golf

now for the final, and hardest question: what door handle matches this car?

  • this one
  • this one
  • that one
  • this one

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