Can you name these famous Top Gear Cars?

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Starting off at Series 1 here. What did Top Gear do with this Rover? Hint: What British Film Was Released in 2002?

  • Harry Potter car on a budget
  • James Bond car on a budget.
  • Jackass on a budget.
  • Fast and the Furious Car on a budget

Ah, the Old Top Gear Jag. What Challenge was the old girl used in?

  • Does stripping a car of trim make it go faster?
  • Can a humble English Jag beat the best of the Supercars?
  • Can the Stig get to 100 MPH on the runway of an aircraft carrier?
  • Can a Jaguar Fly?

Oh my Word. What on earth happened to this old Pick Up?

  • Can a car survive a jet engine winds?
  • Is the Toyota Hilux a car that will drive anywhere?
  • What happens when a car is rolled down a hill.
  • How tough is a Toyota Hilux Pick Up

'Ello, Ello, Ello 'wat's dis Rozzers car den

  • Lexus SC430
  • Lexus LS400
  • Lexus IS 200
  • Lexus GS 430

Ahoy! Now what could old Capt. James May be doing aboard his sailing boat?

  • Captain Slow being taken literally.
  • How slow can man possibly travel?
  • Could a car be a good source of transport of another sort?
  • Sailing across the English Channel in an Amphibious Car.

Oh my word, what is that? It is the...

  • Camping In A Car
  • Renault Espace owner had to make to do with Vinyl
  • Convertible People Carrier

Clarkson's Superb Small Car. What was it called

  • P45
  • C25
  • D89
  • NOT P50

The boy's attempt at building their own car. What was the name of this incredible machine. P.S Both the first and second

  • Geoff
  • Bob
  • John
  • The Hammerhead i Eagle Thrust

The conjoined twin limo, which couldn't be a more awkward car if I'm honest. What were the two cars used to create it.

  • SAAB 9000
  • Alfa Romeo 166
  • Audi S8
  • Alfa 156
  • SAAB 900
  • Mercedes CLK
  • Bentley Arnage

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