Can you name these quirky competitors in Motorsport?

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What is the name of this yellow fruit in racing?

  • Gillet Vertigo Race Car
  • TVR Cerbera Race Car
  • Vauxhall VX220 Compact Race Car
  • Trumpchi GA8 GT3

This truck may not have 'picked up' many trophies, but what is it called?

  • Holden Ute Touring Car
  • SsangYong Musso Race Truck
  • Great Wall Steed Touring Car
  • Daewoo Matiz (Large Rear-End Edition)

Quite literally, what even is this thing's name?

  • Jaguar XK120 Steroidster
  • Chevrolet Corvette 'Big Boy' Gasser
  • '37 Ford Dragster
  • Fiat Topolino Gasser

Identify this aircraft copycat

  • Panoz DeltaWing
  • Nissan DeltaWing
  • Dassault DeltaWing
  • Nissan Skinnyman GT-R

One for the fans - what car is this?

  • Chaparral 2D
  • West Coast Choppers 'Chopcar'
  • Chaparral 2J
  • Ford Probe LM Race Car

It's a Toyota, and a hybrid. But which one?

  • Toyota Sienna Hybrid Slammed Touring Car
  • Toyota Karen Race Kar
  • Toyota Mirai GT4
  • Toyota Prius Touring Car

Super Silhouette to the point that you can barely tell what it is - but what car is this?

  • Mitsubishi Galant Super Silhouette
  • Nissan Stanza PA10 Turbo
  • Toyota Celica 80 Super Silhouette
  • Daihatsu Midget Track Edition

One of many cars in the Gran Turismo franchise that sounded like a hoover - but what is the name of this car?

  • Toyota Supra GT500
  • Lexus RC F GT500
  • Honda HSV-010
  • Mitsubishi XR-PHEV

This should be an easy one. If you are particularly fond of Fiats, that is.

  • Fiat Multipla Custom Track Car
  • Fiat SocCAR Mom Concept Race Car
  • Fiat Bubble GT
  • Fiat Roomster Race Car

About the most sane car in this quiz. Can you name it?

  • Corvette C3 Widebody Race Car
  • Greenwood Corvette
  • Greenwood IMSA Viper
  • Chevrolet Split Window Stingray

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