Can You Take A Tesla Model X Off-Roading?

1y ago


Short answer: Yes

Long answer: Kinda, but it'll hurt your wallet.

Our favourite Tesla driver, Bjørn Nyland, took his Tesla Model X to NAF Trafikksenter, Våler, Norway, in an attempt to not just drive his car off-road, but to learn how to. So when you watch the video, bear in mind that he is not a professional. He does not have a lot of experience, and he never states that he does.

Optimus Prime - that's what he calls his Model X - came from the factory with raisable suspension. Although ride height still seems to be the major limiting factor here, with Bjørn often relying on brute force to power over crests and obstacles.

This probably wasn't the best decision as he shows you later in the video how much damage he had caused, especially to the underside. He probably should have had someone in the car with him who knows what they're doing, too.

Later on, he follows a Jeep Wrangler around a course and through this you can see what a difference knowing what you're doing makes.

Even if the video is a bit painful to watch, its definitely worth biting down and getting through it! Although you might want to turn the audio down because the number of times that car chimes... My God...


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