Canadian Motorsports

When you think of Canada and Motorsports the first one that would come to mind, for me at least, is rally. The season up here is already very short, therefore not many people are into track days. If you are determined enough to drive like a maniac there are definitely some options. The city I live in has a fairly big autocross club, but that is it.

Rally is more up a Canadian's alley, I'd say. It is pretty popular up here, especially in the Kananaskis and Rocky Mountains for stages. This recent event I went to was the smallest one of the year, the other events usually have more people.

I have to say watching Rally Cars fly down a gravel road at 130+ KPH is pretty exhilarating. This Evo X was the most impressive car of the day, and the driver did end up winning. He also provided me with some great action shots! If you ever get the chance to go to any local Motorsport event, definitely attend. Seeing the action in person is a much more enjoyable experience then just watching videos or seeing photos.

These are the best shots of the day, I took about 200 photos so picking my favorites was not easy. Enjoy!

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  • I've been living in Calgary for more than a year now and was always curious to know if any rally racing happens nearby. Do these events have a website to check their schedule? I would appreciate it.


    2 days ago


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