Canby 2018 Datsun Show

43w ago


Thanks to all of you who helped make this rainy weekend so epic. Interviews and Peter Brock Q&A still to come... but I couldn't wait to get this posted before the weekend. ENJOY! Datsun owners are kind, even when the weather is not.

Stoked to present the 13th annual Canby Car Show, brought to you by the fine people at Datsuns Northwest! The weather was challenging this year and I wasn't sure that I captured enough footage to pull together a decent recap video. Well the stars magically aligned, and I was able to scratch something together that I'm pretty proud of!

This year's special guest was the legend himself, Peter Brock. He was nice enough to sign my new carbon fiber dashboard, and the Q&A session with him on Saturday night was not to be believed. I should have that AND some other car owner interviews posted over the next several days, but I wanted to hurry up and get this out before the weekend. :)

Big thanks once again to Steven Pepka and the entire DatsunsNW crew for everything they do. See you all again in 2019!