Cancelled Indian Cars: 6 Tatas That Vanished Into Thin Air

And why they did

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The biggest conglomerate in Indian history, the Tata group , decided to wander into the car industry in 1994. This conglomerate known for steel, hotels , insurance and trucks decided to walk into the unfavorable ground of cars in India.

Their first car was the Tata Indica, a small hatch made for the country. It was exported to Britain as the infamous Rover CityRover. This car was looked down upon by Indians, and that cemented Tata's reputation as a company who only survives through fleet orders.

Incompetent leadership put Tata Motors's expansion on hold, and the Tata Group focused on the bus industry. During this time, the Tata group bought Jaguar Land Rover and then brought them back into profit after the damage done the British companies by Ford.

Tata Motors started to improve after a leadership change that brought back its founder at the top most position. He discontinued the Indica and the other old Tata cars, and replaced them with an all new refreshed line-up , consisting of the Tiago hatchback, Tigor Sedan, the Nexon Crossover, the Hexa Minivan and the Harrier Large-Crossover.

Tata Indica XL

Picture from Indian Autos Blog

Picture from Indian Autos Blog

The infamous Indica spawned many Tata models- the Indigo Sedan, the Indigo CS Sedan ,and the Marina estate. The Indica XL was to be a 7 seater compact MPV. It was supposed to come with a 1.4l CR4 Diesel Engine as well as a disgusted looks from passerby's because of its hideous looks.

Thank god it didn't go into production.

Tata Nano Diesel

The Tata Nano is known to the world as the cheapest car in the world. The Tata Nano flopped in India, due to safety concerns, lack of features and poor looks. The stigma that it carried because of being 'The Cheapest Car In The World' deterred buyers.

Tata motors wanted to add a 2 cylinder diesel that produced 40hp to their cheapest offering but cancelled it's plan last minute.

Tata TaMo RaceMo

Tata created sub-brand TaMo for their smart mobility programs. Under this brand, Tata unveiled the RaceMo sportscar, in the Geneva Motor Show 2017. The TaMo RaceMo had a higher ground clearance than other sportscars, for driving in the rally stage called Mumbai.

The RaceMo was to come with a 1.2l Revotron Turbo Petrol 4 cylinder. The faster and more powerful RaceMo+ would also have electric motors. A fully electric RaceMo+ EV was also planned.

Only 250 RaceMos were to be built.

Tata Group cancelled the plans when they realized that they had to make an investment of Rupees 25,000,000,000 ($340 million) into the project. The Tata Group was cutting costs of Tata Motors and Tata Consultancy Services, at the time and using the money to fund their new Real Estate Company.

Tata Magna

The Magna was one of Tata's biggest projects. The Magna was a large saloon car, designed to take on the Hyundai Sonata and the Skoda Superb. It was powered by the 2.0 liter Inline 4 engine from the Tata Safari SUV, and higher variants of the Magna were to come with the 3.0 liter Inline 4 engine from the Safari. The Magna was even Rear Wheel Drive!

Tata Motors made several working prototypes of the Magna, and was so close to approving Magna production. The upper management at Tata Motors shelved the Magna for unknown causes.

The Magna name was later transferred to the Tata Bus Company for one of their long distance buses.

The Tata Safari, whose engines would power the Magna

The Tata Safari, whose engines would power the Magna

The Tata Pr1ma

This Pininfarina designed saloon was a Tata car that would compete with the Hyundai Elantra and Volkswagen Jetta. It had a clean and Coupe-like look. However , Tata cancelled the Pr1ma project after the premium sedan segment was losing its popularity to Crossovers like the Mahindra XUV500.

Tata Aria Coupe

Tata showcased the Aria Roadster and Aria Coupe in the 2001 Geneva Motor Show. In 2001 Tata Motors was really interested in making a sporty coupe. Mr. Ratan Tata, even started arranging for an Aria Coupe assembly line.

Sadly, the Aria Coupe was never produced.

A huge thanks to Hoyoun Lee for letting me use his series concept!

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  • What a shame Tata couldn't produce so many of its concepts... Imagine how much Accord/Elantra/Superb/Sonata/Camry sales a Magna would have snatched!

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    • And how many donuts one could do in the rear drive Magna. Remember the Tata Safari drifting in snow in the 2005 advert?

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  • I wish TaTa would sell the Nano to other countries it might not be very profitable but some people really do need cheap transport even in some developed countries

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