- Canoo Skatekart. Pic Credit: Canoo

Canoo Skatecart: the fun way to show off EV performance

How much fun would this be on a rough path?

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Canoo is EV company from California. Its first car is a van that will be available from in the form of a subscription service - cannot buy it. Canoo has already been making headlines by teaming up with Hyundai to offer its skateboard platform to create EVs.

The skateboard platform is very versatile by being a low, flat and wide-open design of packing batteries and electric motors which means Canoo can fit any type of body on the skateboard platform and you have a car. The suspension is integraded into the skateboard and sits below the tires, in the end of the say all you need is a body, interiors and a set of wheels.

Canoo Skateboard Platform. Pic Credit: Canoo

Canoo Skateboard Platform. Pic Credit: Canoo

The skateboard is a dual motor (front and rear configuration) capable of 500hp and 300 miles of range. The rear motor provides 300 with 450 nm of torque and front motor provides 200 with 320 nm of torque, now that is capability.

To show off the capability of the platform Canoo stripped it down and made it into a very big electric go-kart, they call it the Skatekart. Then they had a professional racing driver Sara Price, take it for a spin in the desert (video below)

Sara Price said “I was blown away by how fun it was to drive," she continues "The overall performance was impressive. The skateboard felt powerful, with smooth and dynamic handling, especially during high speed cornering. The drive-by-wire steering was something new for me and it felt like it was built for the track.”

In my humble opinion, this is one brilliant way to show the capability of an EV platform, also its versitility. Honestly, this is showing EVs can be a bit fun to drive, I wonder if they make a dune buggy version of this, that sounds even more fun.

As of Canoo, they first model is due in 2022 - the subscription only van, then the plan on releasin a commercial delivery vehicle and a sports car all based on the same skateboard platform. I can't wait to see their sports car.

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