C​an't afford a real Cybertruck? don't worry Lego has you covered

Lego builder Peter Blackert has recreating the original Tesla design in true Lego form

1y ago

A​bout a week ago Elon Musk walked onstage to introduce Tesla's new Cybertruck. A vehicle which he himself admits may not be appealing for most buyers.

The design is already splitting opinions across the internet, and Lego are just pilling it on with their new toy. Earlier today Lego tweeted out a photo of what appears to be a grey Lego brick with wheels underneath it. The tweet reads, "The evolution of the truck is here. Guaranteed shatterproof". This is seemingly a jab at the time when Tesla's chief of design hurled a steel ball at the Cybertruck's seemingly unshaterable windows, and shattered them.

H​owever, if you feel that Lego's design may have not been as faithful to the original as it could have been, there is an alternative for you. Because renown Lego builder Peter Blackert has recreating the original Tesla design in true Lego form.

P​eter Blackert

P​eter Blackert

T​he lego Cybertruck which Petetr has created seems a lot more true to form that the one which Lego themselves have released. With Peter's Cybertruck we can see a full interior, truck bed complete with ATV, and even stickers on the main center display.

I​ don't know about you, but I'd still take a Cybertruck.


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Comments (44)

  • Elon musk is a genius he made people talk about his product even if it's hideous

      1 year ago
    • I don’t find it hideous tbh

      I like the simplicity... it’s just something different, something that didn’t exist on the current market

        1 year ago
    • I personally love how ugly it is. It looks simple, and yet very different from everything else. Plus if the numbers are true its an amazing vehicle

        1 year ago
  • Must have been difficult to build with all of those straight lines

      1 year ago
  • The lego truck looks like a more cohesive design

      1 year ago
  • Does it have an action feature where you break the glass? For the kids, you know?

      1 year ago
  • I think LEGO did it best.

      1 year ago