Can’t afford a Taycan? Get all-new Porsche merch instead

From coffee cups to clothing, no-one can escape the Porsche brand

1y ago

As car prices climb and roads get busier, the motoring-themed accessories market threatens to grow bigger than the car industry itself. Every brand has its own fashion and design department to incorporate the company’s logo on shirts, mugs, hats, shoes and virtually anything else.

Obviously, some are more successful than others. You're far more likely to be happy wearing a Ferrari polo shirt than a pair of Lada-branded socks (well, probably). One of the most successful motoring apparel companies, Porsche, is constantly updating its range merchandise. In fact, every new model gets its own collection.

As 2019 saw the Taycan’s launch attract many petrol heads to the world of electric mobility, 2020 sees Stuttgart’s first EV get its own lot of clothing and expensive merch. According to Porsche, the new collection represents what the Taycan will bring to the open road.

By that, we guess they mean that a dash of blue represents electricity. What do you mean, you don’t see the link between a $65 set of espresso cups and a 700hp electric saloon car? Alongside the caffeine addict’s dream, the collection is made up of a few $70 T-shirts, a couple of $120 polo shirts, some coats that go for an eye watering $310-$575, and a $30 child’s toy that can only be described as some wood with wheels.

The issue with luxury brand merchandise is that, by wearing it, one could be advertising the fact that you want a certain car but can’t afford it. There is a loophole to this problem though. In fact, in collaboration with LEGO, Porsche has created an amazing model 911 RSR Le Mans racecar. The best thing is, not only do you get to show off the model, you also get the satisfaction of knowing you built it.

Personally, I would rather put my money into the LEGO Technic model than strut around town in my Porsche-branded raincoat especially as it costs less than a quarter of the price. However, as a community, the motoring world is very diverse. What would you rather get?

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  • I already have a Porsche drivers edition jacket

      1 year ago
  • Why did someone put paint all over his Porsche mug

      1 year ago