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C​an't drive but can use an Android phone? I can help

T​heory test app is now available to everyone who hated Steve Jobs.

42w ago

In response to much wailing from the Android community, My Theory Test by James May, an app that helps you pass your driving theory test, is now available on Android devices.

'​I'm sorry this took us a while,' says James May, who is the James May of My Theory Test by James May. 'We all have iPhones, and we had some trouble working out how to use the Android. There's that button at the bottom, and the map floats around the screen when you're using the phone. Plus the charger is a different shape.'

T​he Android version of My Theory Test by James May, which complements the existing IOS version of My Theory Test by James May, is exactly the same, except that it runs on Android.

Hopefully this has been helpful.

Click the link below to download the app on Android:

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Comments (35)

  • Good News!!!

      9 months ago
  • Hopefully this will get my son through his; he's on his third attempt thanks to the stupid hazard perception test

      9 months ago
    • Beyond Mr.May's A May Zing App, tell your sone to look into the mind of the programmer. It has little to do with hazard perception and everything to do with how the stupid thing was programmed. I used those on-line/on video/onDVD practice...

      Read more
        9 months ago
  • It looks good, in theory

      9 months ago
  • "Not available in your country" : (

      9 months ago
  • Android is much better than Apple; Apple hardly has any technical inventions after the death of Steve Jobs! Good job, buddy(although I hate you in person)!

      9 months ago