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Can't hate the C8 Corvette for this

Love it or hate it, you know it's coming the instant you see this one design element...

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Car design can be about as controversial as someone's food takes. You might be widely accepted, you might've just split the friend group, or you're forced to eat alone in the shame corner because no one wants to see you inhale that slop you call a meal. Car design is similar: You're with the general consensus that loves a design, you're in either the love/hate it group if the opinion is split, or you're ostracized from the group because you like an unlikable design (god forbid you think positively about the G-Wiz). When it comes to the C8 Corvette, opinions appear to align best with the middle mentality (this includes those who are in the center, enjoying certain elements while disapproving of others). A mid-engine Corvette was never going to be an easy pill to swallow, but I get the impression that this division regarding its design might last for another year or two. Justified or otherwise.

To be completely transparent, I'm one of those people who are in the center (and will likely be one of those people who will still feel 50/50 about it for years to come). I like certain elements of it while not being sold on others. Thing is, after I saw one coming the other way while on the road the other day, I realized that Chevrolet definitely nailed one key aspect of the C8 Corvette...

Its DRL Signature

Phjoto Credit: Chevrolet

Phjoto Credit: Chevrolet

Say what you will about the face, copious creases and character lines, the lack of centrally mounted quad tailpipes, and weird button placement (you know what I'm talking about), there's no denying that you'll recognize a C8 instantly when it's coming towards you down the road. I was returning home from something a few weeks ago and I saw the DRLs of the new mid-engine sports car and I immediately thought “oh cool, a C8”. I didn't think it was a Ferrari, I didn't think it was a Mclaren, and I didn't think it was a Lambo. I knew the moment I saw it that this car was the hyped-to-heaven C8 Corvette, and that should hopefully bring some peace-of-mind to purists who feared this 'Vette would just be some kind of Ferrari clone. Mid-engine cars are notorious for being painfully similar, but Chevrolet did what it could to distinguish the C8 from its peers... if primarily through the creation of a distinct DRL signature. Hey, it's better than nothing!

For those who have seen the new 'Vette in person, what do you think of it? On the whole, I feel it's a bit overcooked with all its creases and character lines, yet I also feel that it's striking (as it should be)! Let me know in the comments below. I hope you enjoyed this, I'll see you all next time.

Posted on Cody's Car Conundrum on 7/24/2021.

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