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Can't wait for the Tesla Roadster? Check out this Model 3 Cabriolet!

The convertible version suits it very well

2w ago


The Tesla Model 3 is an excellent car offering very good services at rather reasonable prices compared to its rivals. The Californian sedan is economical, practical, efficient, comfortable and very well equipped. It still lacks a bit of madness in all that.

We had already seen the Tesla Model 3 pickup truck, which was very original, but also quite strange. Today, we discover a convertible version of the Model 3. And when you think about it, a convertible variant is a perfect match for the Model 3 because you can cruise silently with your hair in the wind while enjoying the pleasure of driving an electric car.

Newport Convertible Engineering offers us this unique version that was sorely missing from the Model 3 lineup. The entire roof has been removed to make way for a retractable canvas top. A bar appears between the two rows of seats to protect the occupants in the event of a rollover.

The frameless windows are also well integrated into the soft top when the latter is closed. While the work seems remarkable, it certainly had a major impact on the performance of this Model 3, which probably lost both range and acceleration.

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  • WOW!! They’ve done the impossible! They made the Model 3 uglier!!!!

      15 days ago
  • *Porsche targa wants your location

      15 days ago