- Captain America fight a VW Beetle

Cap. America Vs VW Beetle

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In comics books all it's possible, Marvel's comics are full of bizarres stories and one of this involve the American hero for definition, Capitan America, always busy in the old days at fight the Nazis and the famous German car born by an idea of their leader, an unusual fight between America and Germany!


Steve Rogers Aka Captain America

Born from the pencils of Joe Simon e Jack Kirby in the 1941, Steve Rogers alias Captain America, he's one of the most popular Marvel's characthers, charismatich leader of the Avengers, trained soldier with high military skills and enhanced physical attributes, his shield is made of vibranium steel alloy and it's basically indestructible.

Volkswagen Beetle

Born in Germany in the 1938 from the evil mind of Adolf Hitler, who wanted a cheap, simple car to be mass-produced, The Beetle was designed by Ferdinand Porsche and his team and it's the longest-running and most-manufactured car of a single platform ever made. Fitted with a rear engine and rear wheel drive it can reach in its first version the astonishing speed of 62 mph.


Captain America vol 1 #222 - Captain America and The Falcon : Monumental Menace

Writer : Steve Gerber

Pencilers and Inkers : Sal Buscema , John Tartaglione , Mark Esposito

The diabolic Corporation's agent Veda try to kill Captain America unleashing against him a remote controlled Volkswagen Beetle. Only God know how a car can smash the window of Steve Rogers apartment, 'cause it's at the third floor of the build but that's a comic book so.. the Beetle chase Cap across his apartment..

Captain America is waked up by something unususal, a Vw Beetle.

Captain America is waked up by something unususal, a Vw Beetle...apparently Steve Rogers wear his costume even when he sleep....

The Beetle try to kill Cap.

The diabolic Beetle, famous for its handling skills, chase our hero across his flat smashing all the furniture...the apartment owner will not be pleased...

The battle contiunes until Cap have a brilliant idea.

Cap. fought lots of enemis through the years, can an old german car be a big deal? Apparently yes...but looks like he found a clever solution...

The batlle end, another victory for our beloved hero!

The Beetle in the tentative of run over Captain America rev its engine and point towards its target, knocking down the wall and falling down. The evil car smash on the ground while our hero manage to hold himself in a safe place and now the Beetle is just a big ball of fire! Nice plan Cap!


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