Cape Town RX 2017: The best photos

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- Ken Block and the beautiful South African scenery. Credits:
- World RX had a warm welcome in South Africa. Credits:
- 2017 Champion Johan Kristoffersson went on a sightseeing tour before the race. Credits:
- So did Topi Heikkinen and the EKS guys, they went hiking and had an amazing time in the nature. Credits: EKS
- Topi Heikkinen and Reinis Nitiss. Credits: EKS
- The EKS drivers: Topi Heikkinen, Mattias Ekström, and Reinis Nitiss. Credits: EKS
- Final preparations at the track before the weekend starts. Credits: EKS
- Great atmosphere at the track! Credits:
- Topi Heikkinen's "track walk". Credits: EKS
- World Champion Johan Kristoffersson waiting for getting back behind the wheel. Credits:
- Conversation between Ken Block and Mattias Ekström. The Cape Town RX was probably the last one for Block as Ford and his team Hoonigan Racing sadly decided not to continue their rallycross project by the end of 2017. Credits: EKS
- Timmy Hansen going fast. Credits:
- The World Champion. Credits:
- 2017 Champion Kristoffersson leading the way ahead of 2016 Champion Mattias Ekström. Credits:
- Timmy Hansen and Petter Solberg. Credits:
- A brilliant photo of Johan Kristoffersson who is just about to hit the gravel part of the track. Credits:
- Andreas Bakkerud jumping. Credits:
- The two South African drivers: Mark Crojne (124) and Ashley Haigh-Smith (59). Credits:
- Crojne hitting the apex. Credits:
- Very sad that we saw the Hoonigan Racing Ford Focus RS RXs for the last time :( Andreas Bakkerud and Ken Block on a final battle. Credits:
- The starting grid for one of the qualifying rounds. Credits:
- Kevin Hansen's amazing move round the outside! That meant P1 in one of his qualifying heats! Credits:
- Kevin Hansen in the lead at another race as well. Credits: EKS
- Bit of damage on Kevin Hansen's and Topi Heikkinen's cars. Credits: EKS
- Eat my dust! Credits: EKS -A brilliant photo, the surface and the colours are so African!-
- Bakkerud accelerating, and look at the cloud of sand/gravel he creates! Credits:
- Could have been a photo from a rally raid race. Credits: EKS
- A proper race in Africa, visibility. is low Credits: EKS
- Off they go! Credits:
- Winner of the final and 2017 Champion Johan Kristoffersson is doing some doughnuts to celebrate his fantastic World RX season. Credits:
- Time for celebration! Credits:
- Podium photo. Credits:
- The Monster Energy Supercharge Award was won by Mattias Ekström this time. Credits: EKS
- Johan Kristoffersson with the Championship trophy at the TOP 3's press conference. Credits:
- THE 2017 WORLD RALLYCROSS CHAMPION! Congratulations Johan, unbelievable job, a truly amazing season! Credits:

Johan Kristoffersson has finished his 2017 World RX season in style. The Champion won his 7th race of this season in Cape Town, which is an absolute record in World Rallycross history. Timmy Hansen finished second with the Peugeot after fantastic racing in the final, and Mattias Ekström ended 2017 with a third place, which ment that he won the battle for second place in the standings against Petter Solberg. South Africa hosted a World RX event for the very first time, and it was surely a perfect place for ending the season. Great country, amazing track!

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Comments (3)
  • Yes it was the same as in WRC, but he is planning to return some rallies this season.

    I think Topi and Reiniss will stay in WRX and find a seat at other teams, but Bakkerud is definitely a great signing for EKS. They will be quite strong this year with Ekström full-time and the new cars

    10 months ago
  • Vant wait for the 2018 season.

    I think it was a good choice by block to call it Quits. He didnt make a single final until South Africa and that proved that rallycross just wasn’t the sport for block.

    10 months ago
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    • And what will happen to topi and reinis now that they have left EKS?

      10 months ago
      1 Bump
    • Yes it was the same as in WRC, but he is planning to return some rallies this season.

      I think Topi and Reiniss will stay in WRX and find a seat at other teams, but Bakkerud is...

      Read more
      10 months ago
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