Car Care Series Pt 2: Wheel & Tyre Cleansing

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The Car Care Series will concentrate on 4 key aspects of car care, from pre-washes, to wheel/tyre cleaning, and from interior cleansing to chemically bonded nano coating sealants. Whether you're an amateur washer, or a professional detailer you'll find this useful.

Today's article will be concentrated on the cleaning and cleansing of your wheels and tyres, you'd be surprised at how much of a difference a nicely dressed tyre can make to a video or photo. I'm going to be taking a look at and using products kindly sent to me by AutoBrite Direct. We'll be using the following products:

1) Purple Rain 3.0 - Gel based fallout remover

2) Britegel - Safe Wheel Cleaning Gel

3) Tyre Gloss - Ultimate High Gloss Tyre Dressing

4) Tyre Dressing Applicator

5) DBS - Detailing Brush Set

I'm going to start off by rinsing the car off with a Karcher K2 Compact, and then Snowfoam my vehicle (more on Snowfoaming here) including my wheels/tyres to ensure I am working with a relatively clean surface. Before contact washing a vehicle it is recommended that you clean your wheels first, as brake dust and a variety of contaminants can find their way on to your paintwork if you decide to wash the wheels after the body.

For this purpose I am going to use the Purple Rain 3.0 initially to get rid of some of the more ingrained contaminants, and to ensure we are working with as clean a surface as possible. The great thing about this product is that you visibly see it working, after all, it's not called Purple Rain for nothing. You can also use this product on your paintwork sparingly, in hotbed areas of contamination to help combat that too.

We're going to pair this with a brush from the DBS - ensuring we have full coverage of the wheel, making sure we hit all of those nuts and crannies. I for one have been guilty in the past of spraying a few times and then rinsing the product off, so it's nice to use some top quality brushes to aid application.

The smell isn't great I must be honest, however it does do a fantastic job of removing dirt and brake dust.

Second up we're going to use the Britegel to finish up cleaning the wheel, this is a lot more friendly in terms of it's cleaning agents and for this purpose I'm using it as a final cleanser so to speak. To full seal/protect your wheel it is worth investing in a sealant such as Hellshine: Whe'elzebub Wheel Sealant - this will ensure your wheels are protected from brake dust and the like, it also makes subsequent washes easier.

With the wheels cleaned we're going to want to wash the rest of the vehicle before we apply the Tyre dressing. Be sure to clean the tyre thoroughly to ensure that the dressing fully adheres to it.

The result of the tyre shine! Matte tyres, no grey patches, brilliant application!

For best use and application, make sure the tyre is dry and apply it with a foam applicator. You'll want to spray 2-3 times onto the applicator and start to work it into the tyre, this will result in a darker, more satin finish. For more of a gloss finish, leave the product to dry for 15-20 minutes before returning for another coat. The ease of use for this product is incredible, barring the curing time, applying it takes minutes.

Final thoughts:

I've used a huge variety of products for wheel cleaning in the past, ranging from fairly inexpensive options to top of the range products and it's great to see AutoBrite Direct offering a full range of products. They're certainly great value for money and do the job exceptionally well. I'm particularly impressed by the Purple Rain 3.0 - it's mesmerizing to see little trickles of purple liquid running down your wheels.

I've never been a big advocate of tyre shine/gloss as it can lead to 'product sling' - however with the applicator pad from AutoBrite Direct, it ensures no excess product is worked into the tyre. Ratings below!

Purple rain 3.0


Tyre Gloss - Ultimate tyre dressing

Tyre dressing applicator

DBS - Detailing brush set

If you want to watch this in video, be sure to check out my YouTube channel.