Car catches fire after driver uses hand sanitizer while smoking behind the wheel

This is why you should quit…

4w ago

A driver in Maryland learned the hard way Thursday that smoking in the car after using hand sanitizer is a really bad idea.

Video posted by the Montgomery County Fire and Rescue Service shows the car in flames after the unidentified driver ignited the fire after leaving the store and getting into his car.

“Investigators say after shopping & in a car a man filled his hands w/ copious amount of hand sanitizer,” fire department spokesperson Pete Piringer wrote on Twitter. “While working sanitizer into his hands, embers fell from cigarette in his mouth, igniting sanitizer & some clothing.”

The driver received minor injuries, and the car was a total loss. At least this didn’t happen in Florida.

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Comments (11)

  • Well, if he was scared of getting COVID, I'm sure the fire burned every germ that was on his body alive.

    Fire: the true solution of stopping the Coronavirus

      28 days ago
  • "This is why you should quit… " Yes there is way to much sanitizer being used these days...

      28 days ago
    • I agree. Besides the risk of germs becoming more resistant to hand sanitizers, your skin can dry out to the point of peeling if you constantly use it (speaking from personal experience)

        26 days ago
  • It’s because most sanitizers are made with alcohol. I’m guessing he couldn’t smell it over the cigarette

      27 days ago
  • I feel like there's a lot of irony here...

      29 days ago
  • You sure this wasn’t a Tesla? I thought only Tesla’s caught fire! 🤓

      27 days ago