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Matt Prior is an automotive journalist and "Editor At Large" for evo magazine

5w ago

Matt Prior (@autocarmatt) is an automotive journalist and the Editor At Large at Autocar. We have a chat about his journey and a tonne of topics along the way.

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Show Notes:

00:00 = Intro, the beginnings of Autocar and what do you do?

08:16 = Do you get a level of enjoyment out of reviewing the more boring cars?

13:00 = Road testing and silly behaviour

18:40 = How fun do you find electric cars?

23:52 = Tyres sometimes emit more particulates than the engine.

25:54 = How do you feel about Restomods vs Modern Supercars

34:40 = GT86

38:41 = C1 Racing and driving slow cars fast

47:54 = Car of the year and mismatched competition

53:45 = Quickfire best car in each category

58:08 = Fixing a broken car and then selling straight away

59:38 = Do many journalists buy new cars vs second hand?

1:04:20 = Finance

1:19:01 = 765LT vs Ferrari

1:21:33 = McLaren Artura and Turbo Hybrids

1:27:20 = Modern cars are still better but they just don't get made how I'd like them.

1:31:30 = How fast does a car really need to be?

1:37:10 = Toyota is cool

1:40:00 = 5 Questions

1:52:56 = Buying spitfires over hypercars

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