Car Chat Podcast: Richard Porter | Top Gear / The Grand Tour Script Writer

Richard is a super interesting guy who was the script writer for the Grand Tour along with much much more.

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Richard Porter (@sniff_petrol) is the man behind the satirical blog "Sniff Petrol", writer of many automotive books, Evo columnist, script writer for Top Gear / The Grand Tour and much more.


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Hope you enjoy the Podcast.

Cheers, Sam

Show Notes:

00:00:00 = Intro and bio

00:04:50 = Starting Sniff Petrol

00:12:56 = How did you get into writing?

00:31:30 = The best way to enjoy a car is from another car.

00:34:50 = The 997.2 RS

00:44:07 = Quiet start and Italian politicians

00:46:13 = Getting a job on Top Gear

00:57:03 = Writing TV scripts and why Clarkson is so good

01:03:23 = Refining scripts and hours and hours of Top Gear footage

01:10:15= Smith & Sniff

01:16:16= Are you on set when they film an episode?

01:19:30 = Have you had some particularly hairy moments on set?

01:23:29 = The license plate saga

01:28:30 = Was the move over time to appeal to a wider audience intentional?

01:34:01 = Were you involved in The Grand Tour from the beginning?

01:42:22 = The Medium Sized Book Of Boring Car Trivia and self publishing

01:53:45 = 5 Questions

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