Car Chat Podcast: Simon Lambert | Caterham Head Of Motorsport

Listen to the latest podcast with Simon Lambert; the Caterham Chief Motorsport and Technical Officer.

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Simon Lambert is the Caterham Chief Motorsport and Technical Officer. We have a chat about the Caterham racing program and all of the things that make Caterham such fun cars to drive and race.

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Show Notes:

0:00 = How did it all begin?

4:03 = Caterham Academy / Scholarshop

7:05 = The rungs of the racing ladder

16:37 = Do the competitors generally stay in a category?

18:54 = How does the driving experience change between each car?

21:09 = What tyres do they run on?

25:57 = Value in racing

34:40 = Keeping the racing closer by limiting ability

36:01 = What does a race weekend look like for you?

40:21 = Do most drivers work on their cars?

44:14 = How would you spec your perfect Caterham?

48:46 = What are the different gearbox options?

53:22 = Do you think a Caterham encourages you to get a bit over excited on the road?

55:26 = Setting up a Caterham?

59:38 = The Lego Caterham

1:03:36 = The future of Caterham with electric?

1:09:40 = 5 Questions

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