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Car Chronicles 1: Going 'Home'

Silverstone, the home of British motorsport, the setting for many a thrilling Grand Prix and a great automotive day out.

Silverstone is a place that many racing fans hold close to their heart, a place where British racing history is made and celebrated. Silverstone is also home to the Silverstone Interactive Museum, an inspiring place that is filled to bursting with racing artefacts and exhibits relating to the track and motorsports in general.

Surrounding the track and official complex itself are many fascinating buildings and cars. Over the road from the main entrance is an industrial estate where many of those 'Silverstone Supercar Driving Days' businesses are based and many of their cars are on display (see gallery). There's also a Lotus dealership which is home to many, many beautiful cars.

Onto the museum itself, which is an excellent celebration of the Silverstone circuit and the racing that has made it famous. On the top floor you walk through the history of the track and why the corners are such named.

After climbing down a spiral staircase you move onto an area about a race day itself and the technology behind the racing cars - personally I preferred this area of the museum as it is more to my interests. Should you wish there is the opportunity to practice a pit stop and commentate on the start of a race - highly exciting.

You then progress to what is a spectacular space filled with cars, race suits and helmets. It is truly thrilling to be stood so close to iconic pieces of motorsport history.

On most occasions you can walk on an old section of the track and up to the current Wellington Straight but on the day I visited that was closed as it was a few days after the British GP and things were still being tidied up.

In conclusion, I fully recommend a trip to Silverstone as it is a truly sensational place.

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