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Car Chronicles 2: Never meet your heroes

They say never meet your heroes. They say that it will be a disappointment, but does that logic apply to vehicles?

Coventry, known to many as Britain's motor city, our equivalent to Detroit if you will. But now the industry has gone from Coventry, and all that remains is the Coventry Transport Museum.

A building in the heart of Coventry, the museum charts the progression of automotive manufacturing in Coventry, from bikes to pre-war cars to a collection of early 2000s Peugeots. But to me, the jewel in the museum's crown is the collection of Land Speed Record Cars.

This is where it becomes special to me, I am obsessed with Bloodhound SSC. I have eagerly watched the rise and fall of the project and ever since making a working model of the car at school I have been enthralled by it.

When I visited the museum I had no inclination that the car was there until I walked in. As I tuned the corner I saw Bloodhound, the engine had been removed and it was beside a sign saying the car was being held whilst funds were raised to keep it running. Weirdly, I felt sorry for the car. I had adored its high speed antics and seeing it there, lifeless, collecting dust not records. In a museum with its heart ripped out was depressing to say the least. Anyone who even has the slightest interest in anything automotive would be disheartened by the sight.

As for my initial question, I do not regret seeing my vehicular hero and I truly hope it can continue its record breaking efforts soon.

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