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I love my Porsche 997. In fact I want another one. You know the one with the wing. Its called the GT3. My love for Porsche has not changed, it's just that I have started looking at other cars. Not to replace, but simply to complement the Porsche 911 type 997.

My choice, one from Ferrari and the other Mercedes Benz. One of these two cars could make the perfect two car garage with my 911. What are they? Will they hold their value like the Porsche 997? Well, watch the video below to see what I would choose.

Your perfect two car Garage

What would be your perfect two car garage. Or, alternatively what car would you add to complement the one you already own? Let me know below.

In case you missed it...

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  • A perfect 2 car garage? Tough choice since I have 7 vehicles currently!

    Probably something like a DB7 Vantage (manual) and a full size truck or SUV.

    1 month ago
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