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Car Crashes into a Truck; Michael Bay Approves

Terrifying, but spectacular!

2y ago

THIS has to be one of the most horrifying traffic accidents ever caught on camera!

It all began when a wheel fell off an incoming truck and hit the Ford Focus that was coming the other way. The 47-year-old Ford driver couldn't do much and veered off straight into a big-ass semi truck! The car just bounced off to the other side of the road, hitting the guardrail, while the truck continued rolling as if nothing happened, until BOOM!

The front wheel on the truck got damaged, snapped off and got under the cabin where it hit the gas tank. The blaze quickly spread over the whole cabin, with the driver still inside. It took him some time to shake off the shock and get out.

According to the video description, Ford driver had to be taken to the hospital, while the truck driver was unharmed.

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