Car design- The times they are a-changing

12w ago


I used to be the kind of boy whom sat at his table at school drawing little cars at the corner of my notebook wondering how the next Corvette, Rx7, Lamborghini or even ford sedan would look like.

So it was no surprise when I decided to pursuit a career as an automotive designer, on which I learned that you need not only to predict how trends will evolve, but indeed to visualize the changes our world and life style would have on the next 3 to 6 years (the time that a new automobile takes to become a reality)

So you may think: That’s easy! Dreaming is what dreamers do!

Well not quit, now a days, it’s getting harder and harder since technology especially electronics and infotainment advance at such an outstanding rate, and…………

Are we finally moving on from fossil fuels?

People don’t enjoy driving sporty manual transmissions anymore?

Cars can drive themselves?

Yes! As Bob Dylan wisely predicted: The times they are a-changing

To me as a car enthusiast is sad an exciting at the same time, since it will depend on us to make the next generation of cars more than just smart boxes that move us from A to B

It will depend on future car designers to make exciting cars that become the matter of Dreams.

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