Car games, being a racing driver, and dressing up: Podcast Ep12 is here

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This week we're getting nerdy about motorsport and gaming thanks to our special guest Mike Channell. He's one of the hosts of the hugely successful Outside Xbox YouTube channel, and he's an avid petrolhead.

We start off with something everyone can relate to: The joys of dressing up and pretending it's the olden days! Tim went to Goodwood Revival this year and decided to regale us with what a joyous time it was as he checked out stuffed foxes, posed endlessly for the 'gram, and occasionally looked at classic cars.

Then we started talking motorsport with Mike, who's just spent his life savings on a season in the Ginetta Racing Drivers Club championship. He talks about it being a brilliant way to spend £35,000, as well as how painful it can be to shell out thousands more when you get it wrong.

And finally, what with Mike's expertise being gaming, we thought it best to discuss our favourite racing games ever. Do you agree with our choices? Well, you'll have to listen to find out!

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