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Aston Martin / Bentley of Tyson's Corner, VA - sale extravaganza

2y ago

I am always a sucker for good car merchandise. Well. Sort of. Let’s say I’m a notorious window shopper, but rarely do I take to the bait. I think that being an automotive enthusiast, it just comes with the territory. Especially when I feel that I am getting (or COULD get) a great deal.

Who doesn’t love a sale?

This past Saturday, Aston Martin / Bentley of Tyson’s Corner, VA, held their 3rd annual ‘branded gear and gifts’ sale displaying all types of cool merchandise.

They did have the usual car dealership trinkets and gadgets, but also had some really nice extra pieces such as engraved pens, up-scale traveler mugs and fine-stitched polos. Unfortunately, I did not see anything that was ‘on sale’ per se, and the set-up could have been a better presentation. This isn’t Honda after all. The people were friendly, but the attention to detail was lacking and it felt more like a garage-sale than it did a high-end exclusive dealership.

Nonetheless, if you like t-shirts and umbrellas with your favorite luxury car logos printed on them, the merchandise was tasteful and there was a decent selection.

But, if you love having an excuse to go see great cars, this was certainly one…they had a Zagato….and it was pretty.

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