Car maintenance newbie

... removing and repairing a patch of rust

I'm feeling rather proud of myself.

A couple of weeks ago I discovered a teeny, tiny bit of rust on the wheel arch of my 14-year-old car and decided to try fixing it myself.

It was the cheaper option to sending it to the garage, or getting a new wing, or indeed a new car as someone suggested on Twitter.

So with my dad giving me intructions and armed with several cans and some sandpaper I spent my time repairing the rust.

Step 1

Sandpaper down to the metal

Now, my dad said this could be done manually or with an electronic sander.

I opted for the manual option ... until the industrial accident happened! Yup, you guessed it, shard of metal through the plastic gloves and underneath my fingernail. A few good swear words, clean-up and a plaster later I decided maybe I'd be better with the electronic sander. Soooo much easier.

Step 2

Apply Cure-Rust and leave, which I did until the next day.

Step 3

Cover surrounding area with newspaper.

Apply primer filler. Leave overnight.

Think my dad bought the wrong one as it was yellow! Still after a good arm workout shaking the can for 2 minutes I started spraying. (Might have discovered a lost career opportunity as a graffiti artist!!)

Step 4

Sand and reapply primer

Well, there were a few bubbles and obvious ridges, and I wanted to do a good job. So I sanded, just a little bit, and reapplied the filler ... then waited

Step 5

Wet-sand and apply paint .

Slight wet-sand and clean (OK, I'll admit I got my dad to do that bit), another good arm workout shaking the car paint can and then I applied the car paint.

I think, all in all, I didn't make a bad job of it!!!

What do you think? (And yes, I know the rest of my car needs a clean)

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Comments (4)

  • Not bad, not bad at all.

    If you’re sanding by hand, get a couple of wooden blocks. Different sizes for different options. Saves your hands, saves getting rusty shards under your nails!

    But that’s a decent job

      8 months ago
    • Thank you, and thanks for the tip. I was using sandpaper that my dad folded round something, is that what you mean? Guess I'm just super clumsy ;-)

        8 months ago
    • Wrapping your sandpaper around an old dishwashing sponge is a tip, in lieu of using a sanding block. The sponge is firm enough to let you get pressure and the softness allows for conforming to the wheelwell arch.

      All in all, it looks great...

      Read more
        8 months ago