Car Mausoleum or 50-50-50

For his 50th birthday the german former racing driver and car dealer Michael Froehlich bought himself 50 luxury cars which were build in his birth year 1950. He took the unusual step to place them in his park and let nature take its course. The sight of the car mausoleum is not for the faint hearted car enthusiast because these rotting beauties are no ordinary cars. The thought of a Jaguar XK 120 and a Rolls Royce Silver Wraith crippling under rust is quite controversial. Even more astounding is the fact that Mr. Froehlich paid about a 1.000.000 Euros for his unconventional or cranky idea. Personal thought: The mere sight of a Porsche 356 rusting under a tree give me the creeps.

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  • WOW... so creepy. It's crazy that he just let them sit there like that. Really makes you wonder what he was thinking.

    1 year ago


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